Johanna Fosselius

Product, Interior & Set Design

Furniture – A furniture concept about making use of local resources. Follow the free drawing and build it yourself with wood from a hardware store, or purchase the premium version and take it to your local cabinetmaker. 

Once upon a time there was a business strategy called “mönsterritningar”. Furniture drawings that were ordered and taken to a local cabinetmaker who made it for you – if you did not want to build it yourself. is a furniture concept inspired by “mönsterritningar” and open source. With the project I have sought to emphasize the time required for creating furniture, from designing to manufacturing, and inspire to build yourself or buy locally. 

The bench is designed in accordance with predetermined guidelines set by myself. The dimensions are adapted to suit planed pine from hardware stores and essential tools are an electric screwdriver, drill, and possibly a saw. The design is adaptable to different dimensions and can be repeated in several directions to enable a furniture series.  

The free bench is built by my mother and the premium version is made by Oscar Wall, a local cabinetmaker. I have built a developed version of the free bench in the form of a shelf, which shows how the design can be further developed into more types of furniture.  

Everything can be seen at

Photographer: Felix Öhlund



Eos is a bedside table existing in the borderlands between the functional and sculptural, designed by me and Max Stjerna in collaboration with DUX. The abstract shape, consisting of elementary planes and surfaces, aims to discreetly elevate its contents.

Vibrant natural materials such as limestone and wood contribute to the table's comforting presence, and through well considered proportions Eos aims to harmonise with its environment. 

Hidden and easily accessible storage, rudimentary qualities for a bedside table, are driving factors in Eos’ design. By excluding an obvious front and back, the table is not restricted to the bed and bedroom but stands just as naturally next to a sofa or an armchair.

DUXs’ knowledge spans almost a century of gathered knowhow regarding human living environments with emphasis on the bedroom. Their design heritage and focus on quality has been a great asset in the collaboration. 

Eos comes in two versions, Tall and Wide, adapted to fit different DUX beds.

Time Well Spent

Set Design

Set Design for the Graduation concept "Time Well Spent" for Beckmans College of Design, Graduation Show 2021, created in collaboration with Teresa Lundmark.

Beckmans College of Design’s Graduation Show 2021 presents three films portraying the constant battle between you and the deadline. Whether you try to fight or flee, there is no escaping time. Only one can win, and you’re about to find out

Beckmans’ Graduation Exhibition 2021 is called “Time Well Spent”, meaning three years at Beckmans is time well spent.

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3

Concept & Art Direction: Ivan Gedin, Isabelle Sjö, Lisa Åsberg & Lova Nyblom
Directors of Photography: Alva Nylander & Isak Lundberg
Set Design: Johanna Fosselius & Teresa Lundmark
Gaffer: Thabiso Kubheka Persson
BBE: Calle Mardell
Talent: Viktor Nilsson
Original music by: Erik Elvkull
Sound Designer: Therese Gylfe
Colorist: Axel Rundquist

The identity won silver in Resumé’s award “Design of the month”.

ikid Pop-up Shop


Pop-up shop for the children clothing brand ikidandfriends.

Designed in collaboration with Teresa Lundmark, Alice Lannfelt, Matilda Olsson Borg and Alina Piatanova.



UMA is a 3D-printed vase/pot in stoneware. With inspiration from the Swedish forrest UMA is a mix of nature and technology.

Designed in collaboration with Teresa Lundmark

3D-printed by Charles Stern in Stockholm spring 2020

UMA was sold in limited edition at Designtorget Götgatan and fall 2020.

Currently available at SOMETHING SOMETHING.



Bräckt is a two part carafe series designed to highlight the importance of oxygen-rich seabeds for a healthy ocean. The carafes symbolizes two extremes – living and dying seabeds in the Baltic sea. 

Photographer: Felix Öhlund

Människa och Växt


Människa och Växt is a bench made in birch and steel. Inspired by the artwork Electroacoustic Aspects of Plant and Man by Christine Ödlund.



A digital sound and color installation about nature.

Iris Hantverk – Felix Öhlund

Set Design

Set design for Felix Öhlunds graduation project in collaboration with Iris Hantverk.



During the winter my boyfriend and I always miss the patches of sunlight on the walls. Gryning is a lamp designed to capture that light.

Salis Saccarina


Salis Saccharina is a spice mortar designed to get Swedes to eat more seaweed. The granite base is a reference to the classical granite mortar. The salt pestle gives away salt when it crushes the seaweed and makes a salty sea-seasoning mix.



A simplification of a sketching study of a breast became a vase made in ash.

Non M'ama


Non M'ama is an humidifier and vase designed to fit the radiator M'ama by Irsap. During the winter months you fill it with water and hang it on the radiator. In the summer it can be used as a vase.

Take-in Café


Take-in is a student café designed to give students a place to study without interruptions. Take-in encourage the students to bring their own food but still sells food and coffee. The student café includes a space to study, eat and drink and a separate part for doing the dishes, recycle, microwaves, lockers and toilettes.



Two pattern reports inspired by ta small island and a river that runs right outside my childhood home in Karlstad, Sweden. Combined in different ways they create an infinity of various patterns.

Johanna Fosselius is designing spaces. Whether it be objects in space or the space itself, the root is always the human being.

Having studied ballet throughout childhood rhythm and flow has become part of her DNA and with a background as an international model, she has unique experience both on and off set.

With her design she wishes to encourage a mindset and behavior that is better for people and the planet with products, spaces and experiences in materials and shapes that lasts.

Johanna is currently working as a designer at Monica Förster Design Studio.


2018 – 2021 B.F.A. in Product Design, Beckmans College of Design
2017 – 2018 Art History, Södertörn University
2016 – 2017 Architecture and Design, Nyckelviksskolan
2015 – 2016 General Arts, Nyckelviksskolan


2021 The New Locality, Stockholm Creative Edition
2021 Time Well Spent, Beckmans graduation show, Beckmans College of Design
2021 Room Service, Superellipsen Sergels torg, Stockholm Design Week
2021 Beckmans College of Design at NK, NK Stockholm
2020 Takeaway pop-up market, Galleri Duerr and Seartgroup, Stockholm
2020 Beckmans/Designtorget, Designtorget Götgatan Stockholm
2017 Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Stockholm

Product sales

2020 Takeaway pop-up market, Galleri Duerr and Seartgroup
2020 Beckmans/Designtorget, Designtorget Götgatan and


2020 Marie-Louise Hellgren

Work Experience

2021 – Designer, Monica Förster Design Studio
2017 – 2020 Set Design Assistant, Emilie Florin
2014 – 2016 Waitress and Conference host, Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel
2013 – 2014 Waitress, Elite Hotel Marina Tower
2010 – 2014 Model, IMG Models
2009 – 2021 Model, Stockholmsgruppen Models

Extracurricular Activities

2020 - 2021 Student Rep., Beckmans College of Design Estate Committee
2019 – 2020 Student Rep., Board of Beckmans College of Design
2015 – 2016 Student Rep., Board of Nyckelviksskolan